Sisterhood of the World Blog Award Thing!

Thankee, Shim (magicandwriting.wordpress.com)! :D

Um...so rules, right? These are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions they've set you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate ten people.

Now questions...

1. What color socks are you wearing right now? (Yes, that was seriously the first question I thought of.)
No socks. :P

2. Would you rather have fudge or marshmallows?
Marshmallows covered in fudge! :D
...oh, wait, that wasn't an option.

3. When you play tic-tac-toe, do you use the normal X's and O's, or do you use other shapes instead?
I used to use things like happy faces and coloring in the entire space or making little spots, but now I think I usually use the normal stuff. Boring...

4. If you had to describe yourself using one movie/book/tv quote, what quote would that be?
Um...oh, I know! From Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life: "'Do you ever think if people heard our conversations, they'd lock us up?' 'All the time.'" If that counts...I think it does. :D

5. Who is your favorite female protagonist (in books, movies, or any story-telling medium)?
Tris Prior from Divergent, maybe, and Callie from Seeing Cinderella. :D

6. If you were stuck on an island with only one other person, who would that person be?
A pilot, so that we could fly off the island.

7.  What is the scariest, but most worth it in the end, thing you've ever done?
...told a kid in my class to be quiet, which is kinda big since I almost never talk in class except to friends. He was kind of bullying the kid two or three seats to his right, though the kid didn't realize it. When I told him to be quiet, he turned at me and was like "You're telling me to shut up?" and it felt great. Which sounds kinda odd, but still.

8. What is the last book you read? And did you enjoy it?
I read Persepolis. I haven't ever really read graphic novels before, and I definitely don't read autobiographies for fun, but it was pretty good.

9. What's your favorite thing about blogging/being a blogger?
Writing stuff, I guess?

10. Do you like two year olds?

Okay, so now my own questions...

1. If you could be the hero of any story you've ever read, who would you be?
2. What villain would you be?
3. If you could bring any sort of fruit/vegetable to life, which would it be and why?
4. What would you do if post offices had a secret plan to rule the world?
5. How weird are the last two questions, on a scale of one to ten (ten being the most)?
6. Do you prefer past tense, present tense, or future tense in a novel (wait...future tense...)?
7. Do you prefer first person, second person, or third person, or a mix of two/all of them?
8. Do you have something that you wrote a long time ago that makes no sense at all now?
9. What's your favorite button on a phone?
10. Can I skip writing this question?

...who am I supposed to nominate now?


Awesomeness Begins...

Q: Chocolate.
Why chocolate?
A: Because...CHOCOLATE.

Q: Well, why words?
A: Because writing is awesome, duh.

Q: Why would you dip words in chocolate?
A: Because. Because, because.


Anyway, here are some things to know:
  1. You're awesome.
  2. I'm a novel-writer who has too many fandoms to count.
  3. You can call me many names including Peace, Myth, Starry...
  4. Chocolate is amazing.
  5. There's something behind you.
And that is all. For now...

Peace out! (Get it? 'Cause one of my nicknames is Peace...)