Three Thingies to Use While Writing

1. Things are looking really bad for the character, and they're trying to find some hope in the situation even though they it seems like they're doing it in vain. And when they've almost given up, all of a sudden a genius idea pops into their head and leaves them feeling either shocked and excited or strong, like they finally have a chance against the villain (or any other reactions kinda like that). Basically. Yeah.
Example: (Of Sorcery and Snow) Rory Landon: wishing coin idea

2. Something is introduced that's been used plenty of times before by other people (ghosts, vampires, zombies, mermaids, etc.) but they're unique and there's something about them that explains why people think of them the way they do. Sometimes the whole story leads up to an explanation, but it doesn't have to.
Example: Why are ghosts translucent? Because the character can only see them through his cyborg eye, and he only has one.

3. If you don't know the genre of the story, sometimes you have absolutely no clue how everything will end up. Nothing clearly hints to what the characters are capable of--does the villain have magic powers or is he/she just a normal person?--but there are parts that make you think it's one thing or the other. Usually they convince you it's going to be the wrong thing, and that way the ending almost always surprises you. In a good way.
Example: Erebos: realistic fiction or sci-fi/fantasy?

Marcescent, which means withering but not falling off.

THE END! Now go listen to Paramore.