Books Again, Plus Some Fun Boringness

 "Big, dark eyes search the sky. Their owner reaches upward with delicate fingers to feel the wind rush through, rough and unwelcoming. Her eyes are drawn to a bright flash in the distance, but it fades before she can identify it. Two eyes harden. One figure stiffens. Holds her breath, counts to three, and leaps."

I'm having way too much fun with the novel I just started, and that's where the above thing is from. Of course, I'm procrastinating from my other novel, but it's got problems I need to work around before I write any more so procrastination works for me. I've got maybe seven hundred words in this one besides a random scene I wrote and a flashback-like thing of the character that I might put in the story somewhere. It's not very much, but it isn't giving me too many problems yet so I'm happy with it.

...and that's basically all I can think of to post. Hmm. I should probably have a longer first-post-of-the-year-thing to avoid being boring/disappointing/etc. Though I probably already failed at that. :D

I should probably just ramble some more about the new story...well, the main character is a bit wild and she doesn't really know the difference between good and bad when it comes to people who aren't part of her special group. She's innocent besides that, though. I'm planning a lot of evilness for her, yay!

Don't worry, I can't think of any more boringness about my writing. Now I get to talk about real, actual, published books. Like Cinder, which is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles that I plan on reading more of soon! It's awesome. There were plot twists, well-developed characters, a cool setting, and cyborgs! A fairytale set in the future with cyborgs is almost impossible to beat.

Then I can talk about Unlocking the Spell, which is the second Wide-Awake Princess book. I haven't actually read enough to say much about it yet, but it's pretty good so far.

And I think that is all. Possibly.