Mostly Irrelevant

Metaphors! The title and beginning of my story are metaphoric, but you're not getting any spoilers about why. Mwahaha.

The ending of the story is now going to be sad. And there will be no sequels. Mwahaha.

The population of chocolate here has, unfortunately, fallen. It rose a little, but I didn't let it increase too much. Mwahaha.

So. Anyway, here's the slightly more important stuff. I kind of restarted the story I'm working on now (though I'll have some of the same scenes since I've only restarted to improve the quality of the writing) and it's going pretty well. I'm also writing this instead of working on that plus other stuff.

I've started writing the beginning of the friendship of two of my characters, too. I didn't know how their friendship began until I started writing it yesterday, so yeah. It's helpful. :D

Graceful by Wendy Mass is coming out on April 28.
Winter by Marissa Meyer is coming out in November.
Seaborne: The Lost Prince by Matt Myklusch is coming out on May 26.
Of Enemies and Endings by Shelby Bach is coming out on June 30.
...and that's all I know. For now, at least.

Effervescent! It means bubbly. Or enthusiastic. But BUBBLES.

Giant-original beep-effervescent apple cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant. Original-rhyme word-rhyme-igloo-television-effervescent apple-beep-original-universe-television cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant-seven. Original-rhyme rhyme-effervescent-apple-dramatic apple-beep-original-universe-television cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant-seven. Original-rhyme dramatic-original apple-lunar-lunar television-happy-rhyme-effervescent-effervescent!

Obviously, I was bored. Try to figure out what it says. :P It's actually really easy to figure out. Meh.