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Three Thingies to Use While Writing

1. Things are looking really bad for the character, and they're trying to find some hope in the situation even though they it seems like they're doing it in vain. And when they've almost given up, all of a sudden a genius idea pops into their head and leaves them feeling either shocked and excited or strong, like they finally have a chance against the villain (or any other reactions kinda like that). Basically. Yeah.
Example: (Of Sorcery and Snow) Rory Landon: wishing coin idea

2. Something is introduced that's been used plenty of times before by other people (ghosts, vampires, zombies, mermaids, etc.) but they're unique and there's something about them that explains why people think of them the way they do. Sometimes the whole story leads up to an explanation, but it doesn't have to.
Example: Why are ghosts translucent? Because the character can only see them through his cyborg eye, and he only has one.

3. If you don't know the genre of the story, sometimes you have absolutely no clue how everything will end up. Nothing clearly hints to what the characters are capable of--does the villain have magic powers or is he/she just a normal person?--but there are parts that make you think it's one thing or the other. Usually they convince you it's going to be the wrong thing, and that way the ending almost always surprises you. In a good way.
Example: Erebos: realistic fiction or sci-fi/fantasy?

Marcescent, which means withering but not falling off.

THE END! Now go listen to Paramore.


Basically, More Books

First, look at this thing. I found it yesterday and it's impossible not to laugh.

Second, here's some advice: when you're hungry, make sure you look up pictures of food. And make sure it's all dessert stuff, like red velvet fudge and rainbow ice-cream and Oreo cheesecake. If there are other hungry people around you, show it to them too and watch them fake-cry.

Third, books! I've been slow in finishing any of what I'm reading, but that doesn't make the books any less awesome. So...

Why people should read Erebos: It's a creepy book, and creepy books are fun. I'm not very far in because I've been busy, but it's awesome so far, of course. Plus it alternates between past and present tense, which is cool.

Why people should read Princess of the Silver Woods: FAIRY TALES. THE KING UNDER STONE. PETUNIA. OLIVER. JESSICA DAY GEORGE. There are nightmares and backstories and a bunch of things like that, plus old characters, as always. But read Princess of the Midnight Ball and Princess of Glass first!

Why people should read The Winner's Curse: It's epic. Politics interfere with what the characters really want and they keep secrets from each other and it's written really well. But read The Winner's Curse first!

Why people should read Graceful: AMANDA. LEO. TARA. DAVID. RORY. JAKE. GRACE. CONNOR. RAY. PICTURES. LAST WILLOW FALLS BOOK. WENDY MASS. If that's not convincing enough to get it immediately, you get to see into almost each character's head and their personal struggles come up a lot and though I still don't know what the big change coming to Willow Falls is, I know it'll be really big. Hopefully in a good way...

Thus, another useless post by me has been completed. YAY!


Books, Festivities, and Stuff

The secret code said: "Go be a cyborg. Or write about cyborgs. Or read about cyborgs. Or do all three!" Now go do what it says. :P

Everyone should be/read about/write about cyborgs, and everyone should also read The Ever Afters by Shelby Bach. 'Cause that series is awesome. And so are cyborgs.

Obviously, I've been reading a lot. Of Giants and Ice, Of Witches and Wind, and Of Sorcery and Snow are the three published books of the Ever Afters series that I've read (the fourth book comes out this summer). Also, I'm currently reading Princess of the Midnight Ball and rereading Every Soul a Star. So yeah. They're all really, really good books. GO READ THEM.

  • "Because he had once been human, the King Under Stone sometimes found himself plagued by human emotions." (Prologue, Princess of the Midnight Ball, Jessica Day George)
  • "In my first trip to Yellowstone National Park, I threw a rock at a dragon." (Chapter One, Of Giants and Ice, Shelby Bach)
  • "The screw through Cinder’s ankle had rusted, the engraved cross marks worn to a mangled circle." (Chapter One, Cinder, Marissa Meyer)

Celerity! It means swiftness. And it's a pretty word. :D

WARNING: YOU SHOULD NOT GO HEADFIRST DOWN AN INFLATABLE SLIDE. You shouldn't eat cupcake crumbs that fall on a fake throne that other people sat in before you, either. Or sit at the top of an inflatable slide and not look back to see that someone's about to push you down. Or sit in a war zone just to make wind dramatically blow your hair back. But you should squash fake frogs, even if you have to sit on them. Fake-frog-squashing is fun.

Basically, there was a party yesterday. With red velvet cupcakes!

That's all.


Mostly Irrelevant

Metaphors! The title and beginning of my story are metaphoric, but you're not getting any spoilers about why. Mwahaha.

The ending of the story is now going to be sad. And there will be no sequels. Mwahaha.

The population of chocolate here has, unfortunately, fallen. It rose a little, but I didn't let it increase too much. Mwahaha.

So. Anyway, here's the slightly more important stuff. I kind of restarted the story I'm working on now (though I'll have some of the same scenes since I've only restarted to improve the quality of the writing) and it's going pretty well. I'm also writing this instead of working on that plus other stuff.

I've started writing the beginning of the friendship of two of my characters, too. I didn't know how their friendship began until I started writing it yesterday, so yeah. It's helpful. :D

Graceful by Wendy Mass is coming out on April 28.
Winter by Marissa Meyer is coming out in November.
Seaborne: The Lost Prince by Matt Myklusch is coming out on May 26.
Of Enemies and Endings by Shelby Bach is coming out on June 30.
...and that's all I know. For now, at least.

Effervescent! It means bubbly. Or enthusiastic. But BUBBLES.

Giant-original beep-effervescent apple cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant. Original-rhyme word-rhyme-igloo-television-effervescent apple-beep-original-universe-television cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant-seven. Original-rhyme rhyme-effervescent-apple-dramatic apple-beep-original-universe-television cat-yum-beep-original-rhyme-giant-seven. Original-rhyme dramatic-original apple-lunar-lunar television-happy-rhyme-effervescent-effervescent!

Obviously, I was bored. Try to figure out what it says. :P It's actually really easy to figure out. Meh.