Books, Festivities, and Stuff

The secret code said: "Go be a cyborg. Or write about cyborgs. Or read about cyborgs. Or do all three!" Now go do what it says. :P

Everyone should be/read about/write about cyborgs, and everyone should also read The Ever Afters by Shelby Bach. 'Cause that series is awesome. And so are cyborgs.

Obviously, I've been reading a lot. Of Giants and Ice, Of Witches and Wind, and Of Sorcery and Snow are the three published books of the Ever Afters series that I've read (the fourth book comes out this summer). Also, I'm currently reading Princess of the Midnight Ball and rereading Every Soul a Star. So yeah. They're all really, really good books. GO READ THEM.

  • "Because he had once been human, the King Under Stone sometimes found himself plagued by human emotions." (Prologue, Princess of the Midnight Ball, Jessica Day George)
  • "In my first trip to Yellowstone National Park, I threw a rock at a dragon." (Chapter One, Of Giants and Ice, Shelby Bach)
  • "The screw through Cinder’s ankle had rusted, the engraved cross marks worn to a mangled circle." (Chapter One, Cinder, Marissa Meyer)

Celerity! It means swiftness. And it's a pretty word. :D

WARNING: YOU SHOULD NOT GO HEADFIRST DOWN AN INFLATABLE SLIDE. You shouldn't eat cupcake crumbs that fall on a fake throne that other people sat in before you, either. Or sit at the top of an inflatable slide and not look back to see that someone's about to push you down. Or sit in a war zone just to make wind dramatically blow your hair back. But you should squash fake frogs, even if you have to sit on them. Fake-frog-squashing is fun.

Basically, there was a party yesterday. With red velvet cupcakes!

That's all.