Basically, More Books

First, look at this thing. I found it yesterday and it's impossible not to laugh.

Second, here's some advice: when you're hungry, make sure you look up pictures of food. And make sure it's all dessert stuff, like red velvet fudge and rainbow ice-cream and Oreo cheesecake. If there are other hungry people around you, show it to them too and watch them fake-cry.

Third, books! I've been slow in finishing any of what I'm reading, but that doesn't make the books any less awesome. So...

Why people should read Erebos: It's a creepy book, and creepy books are fun. I'm not very far in because I've been busy, but it's awesome so far, of course. Plus it alternates between past and present tense, which is cool.

Why people should read Princess of the Silver Woods: FAIRY TALES. THE KING UNDER STONE. PETUNIA. OLIVER. JESSICA DAY GEORGE. There are nightmares and backstories and a bunch of things like that, plus old characters, as always. But read Princess of the Midnight Ball and Princess of Glass first!

Why people should read The Winner's Curse: It's epic. Politics interfere with what the characters really want and they keep secrets from each other and it's written really well. But read The Winner's Curse first!

Why people should read Graceful: AMANDA. LEO. TARA. DAVID. RORY. JAKE. GRACE. CONNOR. RAY. PICTURES. LAST WILLOW FALLS BOOK. WENDY MASS. If that's not convincing enough to get it immediately, you get to see into almost each character's head and their personal struggles come up a lot and though I still don't know what the big change coming to Willow Falls is, I know it'll be really big. Hopefully in a good way...

Thus, another useless post by me has been completed. YAY!


  1. Yay for books!

    I finished reading Princess of the Midnight Ball earlier today. Now I'm trying to decide what I should read next: Princess of Glass or Fairest. Which do you think?

    1. Never mind, I read and finished Princess of Glass. I think I'll read Silver Woods, just to finish up the series first, and then I'll read Fairest.

    2. FAIREST.
      Ooh, did you like them? I kind of ship Poppy and Christian even more than Rose and Galen. xD
      Wait, but don't finish Princess of the Silver Woods before me. That wouldn't make any sense. D:

    3. Heh heh, yes. I did ship Poppy and Christian more than Rose and Galen.
      Why wouldn't it make sense? Heh, you'll have to finish it by tonight, though, because I'll probably have Silver Woods finished by tomorrow.

    4. I finished Princess of the Silver Woods!

      I think the second book is my favorite. I adored Poppy and Christian.


      Plus that book had the most plot twists. :D Are you gonna read Fairest now?

    6. Heh heh, oops. Sorry.

      Yup! I'll probably start reading it tonight, I think.

    7. I have a theory that I read books too fast. When we can talk about me starting a book, and next thing we know, I've not only finished the book, but also one or two other books. *facepalms*

    8. I want to be able to read that quickly though. xD